Hit the Ground Running- Automating Metasploit

There are a number of commands that tend to get run on every session on a target I get in Metasploit. Using resource files, these commands can be automated to dump as much information as possible, as quickly as possible. This can be combined with an MSFConsole autostart script to automate the starting of handlers and pre-fill options for post modules that don’t need to be run on every session. First we make a new file for the autorunscript to be run on each new session: nano /infogather and paste the following in the file: run migrate -f screenshot -v false ps ipconfig sysinfo run post/windows/gather/enum_shares run post/windows/gather/enum_domain_group_users group="Domain Admins" run post/windows/gather/checkvm screenshot -v false background Each command will... [Read More]